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Most babies do not sleep all night. They wake up a lot during the night. They do not do this on purpose to drive parents crazy. They are in need and signaling to parents is telling them that. Research says sleeping "through the night" is usually only between 12- 5 AM and that this is more normal than 7 PM - 7 AM.  Some babies sleep "through the night" at 3 months, some take longer.

Not only that but, babies only understand "day" and 'night" - that is, know the difference between night sleep and day sleep - at about 4 months .

Babies under approximately 6 months:

After approximately 9 months babies:

How they fall asleep after the parents have attended to them depends on how the parent settles them to back to sleep. If a parent rocks them to sleep, they will come to depend on that.

They can be left to cry a little longer before being attended to at this age (but ideally not until they get distressed) so they have the opportunity to learn how to self soothe.


Regulating baby's daytime schedule is helpful. This can make it easier to understand if the baby is hungry or tired. It can take time.

For more information on Infant sleep please see the our book, ‘The Sensible Sleep Solution: a guide to your baby’s sleep in the first year’. This book can be purchased on Amazon or in your local bookstore.