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Due to popular demand
The Sensible Sleep Solution Book
The Sensible Sleep Solution
(co-authored by Sarah Blunden),
is now in its second edition.

Listen to Associate
Professor Sarah Blunden
talking about the book.
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How to contact the Paediatric Sleep Clinic

The Paediatric Sleep Clinic runs both individual and group clinics.

All sleep programs avoid ‘controlled crying approaches’ and are based on the latest research evidence.

We offer a wide range of treatment options for sleep problems in all ages, including NEW sleep services for infants 0-6 months as well as treating the some causes of some childhood sleep problems such as anxiety and depression.

The Paediatric Sleep Clinic is now affiliated with the Paediatric and Perinatal Centre within the East Adelaide Medical Centre, so that we can offer a broader range of sleep and other psychological services. We are now located at:

Suite 18, 50 Hutt Street
Adelaide, SA, 5000
PHONE: (08) 8210 9442
FAX: (08) 8210 9433

Offering individual and group sessions, telephone and Skype consultations (Skype subject to special conditions) for regional, interstate or international clients.

To book an appointment at the individual clinic, call your selected location and discuss the next available appointment for Associate Professor Sarah Blunden, Dr. Nicole Williams or Brooke Michell.

To book an appointment with one of our group sessions, you will need to contact the venues directly. For contact details of group sessions please click here

For general information and brief email enquiries about The Paediatric Sleep Clinic you can email

How to contact the Australian Centre for Education in Sleep (ACES)

For general information and email enquiries about:

  1. ACES sleep education products -
  2. Delivering sleep education sessions or programs in schools -
  3. Availability of Dr Blunden to deliver information sessions or present as a guest speaker -

Quotations from satisfied clients at presentations

"Your knowledge on the subject of sleep in children and adolescents and your presentation to the audience with great enthusiasm and conviction held everyone captivated" (Gerard Corporation Innovation Lecture Series)

"Just to let you know that everyone enjoyed your talk on sleep and the children remembered what you told them. One little boy's mum reported that he was sleeping better. He was the little one with the life threatening disease. I expect that he heard you say about sleeping and healing of the body" (Epilepsy SA)