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Sleep Problems in Adolescents

Example: Kelly was 13. Her cousin Ben was 16. They would talk on the phone until late at night. They would always get into trouble but they said they were just not tired. They had a lot of trouble getting to sleep and getting up in the morning was always hard - sometimes too hard. Ben would often fall asleep in science class in the morning.

Sound familiar? Adolescents can have delayed sleep phases. That is  - they get tired later than they did before. Their bodies are not ready to sleep when the clock says it is time.

This is due to both hormonal changes and social pressures.

Environmental factors:

Circadian (sleep/wake) rhythm factors

As a result, adolescents are usually very sleepy during the week as they miss out on a couple of hours sleep per night. By the end of the week they may have a 'sleep debt' of 10 hours. They may sleep in on the weekend to catch up that 'debt'. Adolescents are sleep deprived - How can they learn like that?


Want more information? Take a look through our ‘Adolescents Sleep Facts Sheet’ for a more detailed description on sleep disorders, why sleep is important, what happens during sleep and what factors often influence adolescent sleep.

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