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The Sensible Sleep Solution Book
The Sensible Sleep Solution
co-authored by Sarah Blunden,
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Dr Sarah Blunden

Dr Sarah Blunden, psychologist (BA Psychology Honours, MSocSc, PhD, MAPS), is the founder and director the Australian Centre for Education in Sleep.

Dr Blunden has spent the past 10 years researching, treating and lecturing on children's sleep both nationally and internationally, as well as delivering education and information sessions to the community, educators and health care professionals. Dr Blunden is recognised as an authority on children's sleep and is widely published in the field. She is a member of:

Dr Blunden is passionate about communicating the importance of sleep to communities. This passion developed during her early years of sleep research and it became apparent that there was a need for sleep education in the community. The ACES programs for junior and high school students have been delivered and trialed in South Australian Schools. 100% of high school students who attended the sleep education sessions commented that the sleep program should be compulsory learning for all students.

She also directs the Paediatric Sleep Clinic based in Adelaide, South Australia (email contact: for diagnosing and managing sleep problems in children and young people.

Dr Blunden has an interest in all areas of child wellbeing and currently has current research in:


Brooke MichellBrooke Michell (on maternity leave), began working at the Paediatric Sleep Clinic in 2011, under the guidance of Dr. Sarah Blunden. Brooke is a psychologist with the following qualifications:

Prior to registration as a psychologist Brooke observed Dr. Sarah Blunden in the delivery of both individual and group sleep programs from 2008-2011. During this time, Brooke was completing her Masters thesis project on sleep in preschoolers under the supervision of Dr. Blunden. Brooke currently works part time at the Paediatric Sleep Clinic. In her role as Psychologist at the clinic Brooke is involved in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders in children. Brooke runs group clinic programs in three locations across metropolitan Adelaide, along with working with clients individually at the clinic.

Brooke is passionate about assisting people to bring about positive change in the sleeping patterns of their children, and feels that these changes can be gradual and respectful to both the child and their parents.


Dr Nicole Williams

Dr Nicole Williams Nicole has recently commenced work in the Paediatric Sleep Clinic (2014). She holds the following qualifications and memberships:

Nicole has previously worked in community mental health, children’s welfare, early childhood, child and family health, along with both children and adults in private practice for a number of years.

Nicole is passionate about working with families to improve sleep concerns throughout childhood. She has worked previously with many families with very young children regarding behavioural, relationship, attachment and mental health concerns, including postnatal depression and postnatal anxiety. Nicole values identifying the desires of parents and using these as the basis from which to develop sleep strategies which will assist the family unit as a whole.